Sugar Gliders are messy! A simple way to contain it!

December 13, 2008 by Riley Kyrsten  
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So by now I am sure you have discovered that sugar gliders are about as messy as children, if not worse. They throw their food everywhere and think that dumping their bowls over is considered a daily routine. If you are tired of the hassle of washing the walls behind the cage, and vacuuming underneath it every time you feed them. Their is an option for you. The funny looking plastic house in the picture above is just a regular Tupperware box you find at Walmart.

The person who made this just cut a circular hole in the Tupperware box and put their sugar gliders dishes inside. This way the mess is contained and when they are done eating, you can just wash out the mess in your kitchen sink! You could cut the hole with a knife, although the edges would be sharp and you would have to spend a lot of time sanding them. The easiest way to cut the hole is by spending about $10 on a hole saw that is at least 2″ to 2.5″. These work incredibly well for cutting through plastic. Once you have cut the hole, make sure to sand the edges down so they are not sharp.

Make sure when you cut the hole it is large enough for your gliders to get in, the last thing you want is them to get stuck and possibly suffocate if you didn’t notice right away! Some gliders may want to chew on the plastic, although from what I have read online, it doesn’t happen much. However their is an occasional glider that is a chewer. If your glider starts to chew on their kitchen, you will want to discontinue using it, since it could make them sick if they were to swallow the plastic.

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One Response to “Sugar Gliders are messy! A simple way to contain it!”
  1. adriadaisha says:

    i want one

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