Sugar Gliders and other pets?

November 22, 2008 by Riley Kyrsten  
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A question that is often asked is “Will my sugar glider be okay around my other pets?”. The answer is both yes and no. If you are around to supervise everything should be okay, however I would not suggest leaving the room and letting your sugar glider play with your beloved and hungry cat. Here are a couple animals I wouldn’t suggest letting loose around your sugar glider without supervision.


Cats are hunters of small animals. If your sugar gliders get out, they can be killed. In cage, they are ok although having cats around could cause mental stress. Some animals can learn that these are your pets and come to not harm them. People have reported that their cats are good with sugar gliders.


Dogs are hunters as well, but perhaps less so with a sugar glider. Dogs can also learn that your captive sugars are your pet and they will come to not harm them. However, dogs will often want to play with the little furry thing if it is out and they can easily end up killing it by accident.


In the wild, sugar gliders do kill and consume birds nesting for the night. Do not keep birds and sugar gliders together! You may wake up the next morning to find your parakeet missing!


Ferrets, like cats, hunt small animals. The combination of rapid movement and mouse-like appearance can cause a ferret to try to attack the glider and cause the glider harm.

This doesn’t mean that if you own a sugar glider, you can’t have any other pets in your household. Just be smart about it. Do not share your gliders cage with other species of animals and do not leave your gliders out unsupervised…honestly pets or no pets you probably shouldn’t leave them out without you. They are curious creatures and get into everything if you are not around to keep them out of your stuff.

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2 Responses to “Sugar Gliders and other pets?”
  1. cathy says:

    Hello, I just thought I’d add a few breed specific animals you wouldn’t want to introduce to a sugar glider or any small animal at that. Jack Russell terriers and other terrriers are major animals that you don’t want around small pets, Huskies, and akitas are known to prey on small pets as well they all have a very high prey drive instinct that is hard to control even when well trained. Not saying they are bad or anything for people who have those breeds they are great dogs you just have to keep small pets away at all times for those guys. Well thanks this post was very helpful by the way I didn’t know gliders killed birds I don’t have any yet but I’m looking into getting one soon.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Wow, really didn’t know that about the birds…we do keep them separated though! But originally it was for the other way around (didn’t want the bird hurting the sugar)!

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