Sugar Glider Food List

November 29, 2008 by Riley Kyrsten  
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Here is a list of foods that are okay to give your sugar gliders. Also below you will find foods you definitely DO NOT want to give your sugar gliders. Try and give you sugar gliders a variety of foods so they benefit from all of the different vitamins and nutrients the fruits and veggies have to offer!

Approved Foods

  • Meal Worms or Crickets
  • shrimp
  • brisket
  • beef / hamburger (drain all fat)
  • chicken
  • ham (use as a treat, high in salt)
  • cooked egg (any form w/out butter)
  • tofu chunks
  • grapes halved
  • tomatoes halved
  • raw corn kernels, sliced loose (small amounts)
  • cooked potato chunks
  • green bean
  • carrot
  • cantaloupe / melon
  • apple
  • Kale
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries (they are ok for them, however, be careful with cleaning them. They have a very hard surface to clean. Any fruit or veggies with a rough surface need to be cleaned very well before feeding them to prevent them from getting sick.)
  • Yogurt (vanilla or sweetened with honey)
  • Soy Yogurt with cultures added after pasteurizing
  • Clean Water!
  • Various flowers such as baby’s breath, bamboo, blue spruce, butterfly bush, cacti(with the thorns removed since they could harm your glider), dandelions, forget-me-nots, forsythia, hibiscus, lavender, lilac, money plants, petunias, protea, quince, roses(with the thorns removed), snap dragons, sycamore, willows, and yucca.


Suggestions on what NOT to feed Sugar Gliders
  • Chocolate (could kill them like it does to canines)
  • Eggs with butter (use a non-stick pan or cook in microwave to make eggs)
  • butter (to hard on their digestive systems to digest)
  • processed sugar (ie: marshmallows)
  • Anything high in Salt (ie:nuts with salt, best to serve non-salted ones)
  • Baby food with spices or onion powder (the best is the plain meat or plain veggies)
  • Bread (it is a filler, may cause them not to eat the good stuff. Some people say it causes problems for them in the digestive tract also)


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8 Responses to “Sugar Glider Food List”
  1. Great list! And a great blog, too.

    I’ve had my glider for 9 years now and I feed her most of the good stuff from your list (with the exception of the flowers…will have to try those!).

    The other thing I’d add here is “lickey treat”: baby food fruit (not the dessert stuff…that has too much sugar) mixed with a pinch of Rep-Cal calcium, similar to what you mentioned in your “What do sugar gliders eat?” post. I give some of that to my baby every night.

    Also, baby food Chicken Sticks can be good for protein variety, too.

  2. Bea says:

    Great site, I am an Australian Wildlife carer and also bring up wild orphaned babies. Please, 1 Reverse_Vampyr, get yourself another one, because one alone is a miserable baby. Surprised after 9 years you don’t have another one. Please do it for your babies sakes and they are ever so cute to watch together!

  3. Kylie says:

    I have been thinking about getting a glider since my Cockatiel died. There seem like great pets and I have enough time for them since I work from home :) thanks soooo much for the list!

  4. Makayla_:DD says:

    Wow awesome:) I will definantly use this i am aspireing to get a sugar glider and doing as much resaerch as i can. THANX!!

  5. Tiffany says:

    Hi just a quick question is it alright to feed them baby food fruits such as the mixed fruits like strawberry/banna ect.. with there food everynight?

  6. Sharla says:

    love this list. Thank you. I have 2 “fur-bats” as my hubby calls them, one of them I have a hard time getting him to eat protein so I have to hide it. I make a mush that I freeze out of veggies fruits an the protein that works wonders for them. they get fresh fruit an veggies along with that as well as yogurt and treats. i’m always trying to get them to try new things but one of them is picky an the other one will eat almost anything.

  7. Kailianne says:

    What about other fruits such as watermelon or maby peach. I

  8. Rheagan says:

    Wow! This was so informative. I inherited a Glider and am learning as I go. I will definitely be adding this list to my grocery list so I can add to her diet!

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