Sugar Glider Breeders - Contact Info and Reviews

June 26, 2009 by Riley Kyrsten  
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I received an email asking for breeder recommendations. I myself don’t have experience with buying a sugar glider. I’m sure that some of this site’s readers have input on these matters. Everyone, feel free to leave a comment with contact info or reviews of breeders.

Before you use the list or other lists you find online, know that some people advise against getting a sugar glider shipped / buying online. Also note that I don’t have a way to verify if the comments contain accurate information. Also know that the fact that a breeder has a USDA license doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

Personally I feel like you can generally tell if a breeder is top notch, if they have a great website and you talk with them. If you don’t happen to live near an excellent breeder, I would rather get one shipped from an excellent breeder than go with one in my area who wasn’t as good.

Sugar Glider Connection - Located in Texas. Ships domestically. 972-438-4396.

Pet Sugar Gliders - In northeastern Ohio.

The Pet Glider -

To and Fro Gliders - Said to be not knowledgeable enough by the website Sugar Glider University. I would avoid them.

Try to watch out for the cut and paste or “cookie cutter” sites. Some sites will have articles and information, but they don’t know much about gliders or focus on them. They are just trying to make a sale and set up pages/sites for every type of animal they sell.

If you find a vet who is familiar with gliders, the vet may be able to recommend a breeder within driving distance.